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NRC-127 Heaven Is A Halfpipe Project

Heaven Is A Halfpipe Project


Jade and Haylee

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This week Jethro talks with Jade and Haylee of the Heaven Is A Halfpipe Project, which they setup to carry on the work of their late friend Ashley. Who tried to get a skatepark built at Stockhill park in Basford. The girls have also setup an event to raise money to accomplish this at the Bodega on the 22nd of August.

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  • Raging Clue are headlining Billy Bootleggers on the 17th of July! The pop punk band are playing with support from Crosslight and Punch Drunk. The band are back to playing shows following the March release of their single “Road So Far”, and should provide an entertaining night, with lots of energy (from the bands anyway as this is a seated show)!

  • The Five Hundred have dropped “Walls of Jericho” featuring Andreas Bjulver of Cabal. Big choruses, big metal instrumental and a really powerful, aggressive sound are the standard for these guys and this single really hammers that home. They have announced a tour, with them playing a home town show in Nottingham headlining at Billy Bootleggers on Friday 3rd December.

  • Raised By Owls have put out a new parody video, this time taking aim at Rage Against the Machine. Featuring a cheeky parody of Killing in the Name Of, the video cracks jokes about Tom Morellos solos, the abundance of politics in their lyrics and the fact that printers always run out of magenta! The link for this hilarity is below!

  • Good Hustles July 17th show at Bodega has been rescheduled to August 20th. The band are joined by Distant Blue and Adam Zareba, with tickets for the original show still being valid or refunds being available through Alt Tickets. A really modern feeling alternative gig this one, with a good crowd guaranteed, the music should set the atmosphere for a really great night.


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