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NRC-087 The NRC Team

This week Jim and Josh had an intervention with Jethro, as given the crazy time in life it is hard to keep focus, and keep your spirits up. So we (The NRC Team) had a chat among ourselves to cheer Jethro up and reboot the chats!


  • Nottingham post-punk band Hurtsfall have surprised us with a new single, “Revelator”. The song explores the theme of “swinging between ecstasy and tragedy” to dramatic effect in its 80’s infused backdrop. After nearly two months of inactivity on social media they’ve certainly returned with a bang! If you’re a fan of goth music and are looking for a new sound this is definitely one to look out for and is available on the bands YouTube, Spotify, Apple music and other online platforms.

  • BlitZ are gearing up for their third single release from “Fight to Survive” with the song “Dance on Fire”. Though the album came out in August the band are launching the video for “Dance on Fire” on the 1st of October. With the song being so powerful and catchy the video will most certainly follow suite, with previous efforts “One in a Million” and “Breaking Out” highlighting the huge breakout potential these guys have.

  • A big show has been announced at the Hairy Dog next March as Solarshift and Only the Righteous co-headline on the 20th. Expect a huge show with support from Old Selves, Forever in the Making, Omen Machine, I, the Mountain, Replica Jesus and Dissension. Hosted by Unearthed Music, this show promises to be a highlight with tickets at just £5 on the door. Expect riffs, beer and fun galore at the metal megashow!

  • Nottingham pop-punk duo Decade and a Day’s debut EP “Sertraline Showers” will be released on the 9th October. Following the singles “Silver Lining” and “All Been Said Before”, the 6 track EP is a mission statement with the intent of bringing pop punk into the 2020s. For fans of Simple Creatures, Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy, the EP will be available on Spotify, Amazon music, Apple music and other online distributors. This one should be good (Although, as a member I have to say that 😉

  • More news coming from the NRC team as our chief reviewer Jim Plumb is bringing his solo EP, “Seasons”, into the world on the 29th of September! The instrumental EP is comprised of ambient tracks with a rock edge. The NRC team have had an advanced listen and between the chorus full soundscapes cascading around you to the energetic beats backing them up this collection of songs is a thing of beauty. Big Buckethead influences here, the only thing missing is the KFC bucket/mask combo (maybe next time Jim).
  • And the final bit of news, affecting all of us in the industry, is the newly announced update for Facebook’s policy on live music. It seems that they have, starting 1st of October, banned live stream gigs and put sanctions on already struggling musicians. Facebook have stated that “You may not use videos on our Products to create a music listening experience” which, though incredibly vague, has sparked fear in local and global musicians alike. This is why shows like this are vital, so musicians can promote away from these tech giants and if you are listening then you are the solution so from all of us in the industry, thank you!
  • Confyde have also announced a new single, set for release on the 9th of October, called Anchor. Following on from their previous single, Don’t Lie Awake, this should be a melodic, twisting journey of a song with influences ranging from dirty metal through to modern alternative rock. The song is available to pre-order and to presave on all major digital platforms.

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