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NRC-085 Decade And A Day with Isaac and Josh

Decade And A Day






This week Jethro talks with the band Decade and a Day, bout what it is like doing a studio project band during lockdown, as dude to the lockdown they have not been able to work much with their other band Take96 . they also talk about their love for pop punk with Blink 182 being a big influence. we also get talking about how production is not as important as pre-production and what makes a great alt song.

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  • Witch Tripper have announced a new Kalamansi IPA in partnership with Bone Machine Brew. The beer, named “I, of the Storm”, will be available soon on the Hull based company’s website, for delivery. At 6.2% it should pack almost as powerful of a punch as the band themselves!
  • Black Market in Warsop are putting on a fundraiser show on Saturday 26th September to raise money for their Under the Castle festival. This event aims to recoup the inevitable COVID losses they have faced and any profit surplus to that will be donated to local charities. Advertised currently are The Recovered, Aftermath, Tinseltown Rebellion, Worm and Verbal Warning. Tickets are available via paypal to at £10 a (socially distanced) head, what a bargain!
  • Near Mrs are planning to release their next single, Headlights, on the 16th of September to much anticipation. The young Notts based rock group are making quite the splash, with last year’s debut single, She Goes, appearing on the Cambridge NMG chart top 5 for 4 weeks straight. Hopefully a sign of a bright future for these young lads and this is certainly one to keep an eye on.
  • Hellfekted’s rescheduled tour dates have been released with the Stoke on Trent outfit supporting Devastator next February around the country, including a local show on the 27th at The Hairy Dog in Derby. Expect raw, heavy Thrash and a sore neck the next morning!
  • Omen Machine are set to release their new single “The Mirror” on the 18th of September. With backing from the Forge Ahead Initiative and an extremely fresh sound these guys are set to blow everybody’s socks off on this release. Expect to hear plenty more about them in the near future.
  • Gothic Post-Punk standard bearers Chaos Bleak are gearing up for a 5th September release on their next single “Regrets are for Yesterday” in preparation for a December album release. With influences from Killing Joke and Play Dead, and an emphasis on modern production, their previous three singles have received wide spread critical acclaim and “Regrets are for Yesterday” seems to be no exception.

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Decade and a Day

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