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Become An Affiliate

Sharing is caring! or so they say…

So can we work together to promote each others business? The NottsRockCast Podcast was originally set up to promote the Nottinghamshire alternative scene as a whole! Not just the music but everyone from businesses to the fans. So if you are a Nottinghamshire alternative type and you have something you want to promote then lets be friends and work together to let people not only hear about the podcast but hear about your venture too!

What do you need to do? Well fill out the form below!

What do we need to do once accepted? You share the NottsRockCast Podcast, and we share your Posts and or social media presence !

How much work will we need to do? Just share the weekly podcast once a week! (as a minimum, unless otherwise agreed!)

Benefits Include 

  • Social Media Shares of your stuff to the NottsRockCast listeners
  • Inclusion on the NottsRockCast¬†podcast with a shoutout on occasion
  • Inclusion on the NottsRockCast YouTube Channel with a shoutout on occasion
  • Banner placement on The NottsRockCast Website Home Page

Who Can Apply?

  • Local Independent Nottinghamshire Companies/Businesses
  • Nottinghamshire Related Social Media Groups
  • Nottinghamshire Bands
  • UK Bands
  • Music Industry promotion companies

Whats happens if I want more? Then click here to advertise with NottsRockCast

“I have a lot of pride in my podcast (NottsRockCast) it is not just a hobby it is a passion!” – Jethro D

Please Note

So given the above statement we would like you to apply with the form below, so we can review your application to comply with the believe that your affiliateship will benefit the listeners of NottsRockCast Podcast. If your application is successful we will offer you an affiliateship arrangement via email, so please be honest with all the relevant information required below as the information provided will help us offer a better deal for your affiliateship.

Signup To become An Affiliate Here

    Please Note: NRC might refuse your application based on your social media presence and or social involvement with with wrong crowd and or individuals (an explanation for refusing will be emailed to the email address provided.) Also your affiliate status might be revoked if you do not keep up the agreement that yourself and NottsRockCast Podcast come to for your affiliateship. You also will have the option at anytime to remove your affiliateship! LETS NOT LET IT GET TO ANY OF THIS!