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NRC-108 Ashley Currie, Bands and Management

Ashley Currie

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This week Jethro talks with Ashley Currie of Enso Music Management and VantaBlack, about band management as Ashley got in contact with the Podcast to promote Wolves Don’t Sleep and Struck/Down. And as long time listeners will know Wolves have been on the podcast before on NRC-080. So we took the opportunity to talk to Ashely himself! and wow what a chat talking about what his goals are in music and band management, to actual music production and audio plugins! This episode is PACKED!

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VantaBlack –

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  • Blitz have announced that they are bringing a live album our way! No release date has been announced as of yet but the classic rockers stated on a post on their Instagram that “If we can’t gig we’ll bring the gig to you”. Exiting stuff, all you need is a sticky floor, a strobe light and this CD and you’ll feel like you’re back at Rock City!

  • Near Mrs. have dropped their newest single, “Wishful Thinking” on major streaming platforms! The alt rockers have really blown me away with this one, with the whole thing being so well produced and rounded. Lot’s of power here, for fans of You Me At Six, Paramore, that mid naughties sound.

  • Confyde have released the B side to the single “Cancel Freedom”, titled “We Are Gathered”. The songs really complement each other, with “We Are Gathered” having a less aggressive style but being full of complex melodies that dance around with the guitar lines, which themselves are almost reminiscent of a math rock band a la Covet. Really interesting writing and a fantastic effort!

  • I’d be amiss if I didn’t give a Decade and a Day update, so, on the first of February our cover of “Mood” by 24k Goldn dropped and we are still looking forward to the release of our next single, “Circles”, coming out on February 26th! It’ll be on all of the usuals!

  • Nottingham indie rockers The Fine Art Society’s December single “Falling Apart” has a new video. Self-made by the band, it’s a rather creative little video that uses Jenga, Buckaroo and a train set to lay out the lyrics of the song and looks like it was an absolute bitch to make. Really clever video for a proper banger!

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