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NRC-106 Sam Wood, Folk Instruments and Pirates

Sam Wood

Song writer and guitarist / Folk Instrumentalist of





This week Jethro talks with Sam Wood of Red Rum, Nottingham’s very own Pirate Metal band. We got talking deep about folk instruments and why Sam started playing them. Also why it makes Red Rum stand out in the Folk Metal sub genre. Also we get talking everything geeky about being a guitarist (which sam and Jethro are,) with the added bonus of a bit of space talk that Jethro and Sam will follow up on in a later episode!!

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Gods To Fall:

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  • Confyde have released a new single, titled “Cancel Freedom” and featuring Patrick MacDonald of Antre. The song features Martins almost signature guitar playing but with a more aggressive style of vocal to his usual stuff, creating an interesting, angsty sound that should propel Confyde forward into 2021. Exciting stuff!

  • Last of the Misfit Heroes have released the first track from their upcoming album “Hope for the Hopeless”, which is releasing this March. The song, named “Pulling Punches”, is an upbeat punk style banger full of catchy lead guitars that wouldn’t be out of place on a night of drunken debauchery. The song is also accompanied by a video that really catches the feel of the song, slightly scratchy, slightly bright and extremely well put together.

  • Beyond Your Design have dropped a new single and announced an incoming EP! Named “Together We Rise”, the EP comes out on 04/03/2021 and is for fans of more extreme metal. The single is named “Gods & Men” and features melodic leads, crushing growls and a beat that you just can’t help bang your head to. Its available on the usuals.

  • Decade and a Day have announced our latest original single, “Circles”. The track had a sneak premier last night on Dean Jacksons BBC Introducing East Midlands and will be released on February 26th on all major streaming platforms! The song is a more aggressive one than previous releases, with us aiming to build on the success of “Remember To Hate Me” by keeping plenty of synth elements whilst staying true to our pop-punk roots.

  • Pagan Sword, our very own Jim’s band have added a new member who you should be hearing a lot from on this episode of the podcast! Sam Wood, our guest this week, has joined playing whistles, mandolin and other unspecified instruments. This is shaping up to be one hell of an interesting project and should have a very unique sound.

  • The Five Hundred have announced that they are giving NHS workers 40% off of all merch as a thank you for all of their efforts dealing with COVID-19. The Nottingham metalcore outfit have recently hit success on their latest single “The Rising Tide” which was released October 2020, with over 16,000 views on Youtube. Things like this are why we do this podcast, to highlight how great the human beings in our scene are and this was a real class act here!

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