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NRC-104 Sharp Class, Keeping It Mod

Sharp Class


Oliver, Declan and Lewis

and they are keeping in Mod!

So this week Jethro talks with the lads from the band Sharp Class and it all goes a little well a lot MOD! We got talking about the band its self and how they came to be. and we delved into the Mod scene era and how it is still alive and well. We also touched on how the lads fully embrace the Mod image, and how it makes them feel totally who they are!

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  • Raging Clue have released their single “Drop This Feeling” after weeks of anticipation (and plugging from me). As expected, it reeks of 90’s inspired Pop-Punk, leaning perhaps a little more on the punk side. The slight midlands accent throughout also made me smile I have to say! Keep it up lads! It’s available on all major streaming sites.

  • Our resident reviewer Jim Plumb has joined a band! He announced earlier in the week that he has joined Pagan Sword as their official bassist, and if their debut track “White Beer” is anything to go by then I’m excited. Inspirations of both power metal and Scandinavian metal ooze out of the band, with the track feeling like a hell of a dark, snowy journey. Expect to hear a lot more about these guys and be sure to give their Bandcamp a checkout!

  • Thunderous Jones have put out two new tracks as an EP, titled “Fallen”. This is the midlands extreme metal groups first music since March 2020’s “The Wire” and I’m sure I speak for a few people when I say we’ve missed new music from them! The title track from this EP even has a feature with Johnny Doom of Kerrang! Radio and boy do they make the most of it, with it feeling like a cross between heavier, more scream focused music and melodic hard rock, almost like Alter Bridge. This is then followed by what could be called a ballad, although I will say it has balls. It’s available on Spotify and all other major streaming services.

  • Good Hustles have surprised us by releasing an unannounced single, called “Too Far”. For fans of modern rock the song has some incredible vocals, with a great catchy melody over energetic guitars and drums, and a distinct style that the have really driven home with this and their prior single “Coffee” They are certainly one of the bands to listen out for in 2021.

  • And finally, as I’m obligated to do, Decade and a Day have a cover coming out on the 1st of February! This time we are covering “Mood” by 24K Golden, which may sound like a weird choice but we heard it and just thought “Fuck, this needs a load more gain” and proceeded to do it. It’ll be available on all of the usuals!

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Local Music

The First band was

Star Botherers

With their song

Oddly Excluded

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The Second band was

Stephanie Lea

With their song

I Don’t Care

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