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NRC-102 Esme Knight, Dirty River

Esme Knight

Singer, Folk Rock Artist

This week Jethro chats with Esme Knight, a Folk Rock Artist that back before the world went crazy you would find sometimes singing at the Tap n Tumbler on an open mic night. We got chatting about all things music including, sigmas of being a female singer in a rock/metal band, and what make music so special to everyone. Esme also got deep (excuse the pun) into talking about her latest music video ‘Dirty River’ and how it was produced. So keep ya eye out Notts Rockers as after hearing/watching Dirty River you will be waiting in anticipation for the coming video releases from Esme’s album ‘Forever Wild’!

Episode Links

Tap n Tumbler –

Dirty River YouTube Video –

Jason Becker –

ALS Information –

Fibromyalgia Information-

Scary 1970s British Public Information Films –

Tankspace Ollerton –

Martin Jackson music –



  • Mordhau’s debut album “Immaculate Massacre” has been released on streaming sites! The death metal groups debut album features riffs, screams and a fast paced, dark style and was initially released on CD in November. Spotify link below!

  • Slowmo75 have released their album, titled “Life Goes On”, and boy does this thing rock! Southern rock ballads, blues inspired riffs, extremely solid vocals and a thumping backbone of bass and drums populate this album, and you can hear the passion throughout. It’s available on major streaming sites right now and is a great listen to start off the new year.

  • Raging Clue are dropping a new single following their November single “She Don’t”. “Drop This Feeling” comes out on January 13th and if previous tracks are anything to go by should be a California Pop-Punk style song that you’ll be singing for days. These guys excel at catchy hooks and in your face instrumentals with lots of energy. It’ll be available on all major streaming sites, as mentioned, on January 13th!

Top six bands to watch in 2021

After the shitshow of a year that 2020 has been, we at NRC decided to do some lists, to both highlight the best bits of the past and the future. That’s why, alongside this weeks news, this is a top six bands to watch in 2021 list! Surprise!

6 and a half) Decade and a Day:

I had to get this one out of the way early but following on from our December release of Remember To Hate Me we have some new singles headed your way in early 2021, maybe even leading to an EP!


This year one of our artists that’s really stood out to me in terms of uniqueness has to be Confyde, with the tracks “Don’t Lie Awake” and “Anchor” both being regular listens in the Simpkins household. Hopefully this is a sign of bigger things to come, and hopefully that involves a lot more of this!

5)Raging Clue:

Two mentions in one podcast? Raging Clue are one of the best pure pop punks bands Notts has to offer, and I just cant get enough of their big, twangy bass and their Blink-182 vibes. Their single “She Don’t” is going to be one of those that is loaded up for long summer drives.

4)Death of the Highstreet:

Now under the banner of the legendary Alan McGee, Death of the Highstreet are set to release a fair amount next year what with 2020 being spent in the studio. After making a name for themselves as The Small Town Boys, it’ll be interesting if the name change also accompanies a slight shift in style for our resident indie rockers.

3) Take 96:

The cat is out of the bag, on New Years Day a new logo was shared on socials and now I think I’m allowed to say, Take 96 have new music coming your way! There will be a follow up to our 2020 debut album “Take a Knee”, which featured the singles “Walk All Over Me” and “Shoes You Left Behind” and takes from a plethora of alt-rock and emo influences.

2) Negatory Effect:

Our very own mad scientist Jethro’s project is really set to take shape in 2021 after an awesome start with the release of his EP “Rectification”. He has been teasing an album on social media (and of course in the NRC chat) and boy, what an imagination and what a concept. Here is to 2021 taking it to the next level!

1) As December Falls:

As December Falls had an absolute belter of a 2020 despite tours being cancelled and gigs being off, ending the year on 1,000,000 streams! Their 2020 single, “Afterglow”, was an absolutely bombastic riot of a track and sets the path for them to release their sophomore album, “Happy”, in January 2021 and, once venues are safe to reopen (if indeed that happens in 2021), expect a hell of a tour too (maybe even with support from the afore mentioned Take 96…)


The News is provided by Josh Simpkins, if you wish to have announcement on the podcast please email

Local Music

The First band was


With their song


Check them out here


Jim’s Top 5 NRC Bands/Artists of 2020

5. Glitchers – Relovelution –

4. Bone Broke Kings – White Queen –

3. Cottonmouth – Dystoryer –

2. Pemphigoid – Bite Radius –

And at number 1 is




Check him out here –

Honourable mentions

Witch Tripper –

Hellfected –

Dacade & a Day –

Take 96 –

Negatory Effect –

Tinsletown Rebellion –

Smoke Over Elsewhere –


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Top 10 Most Listened Episodes of 2020

On the 1st of Jan 2021 all of the episodes listens hit a total of 11222 !!

and of which 4973 were during 2020!!

10) NRC-074 Cottonmouth over Zoom

9) NRC-055-Pretty-Babs

8) NRC-078 Jakk Perkins Chatting About Home Recording

7) NRC-066 A Hundred Crowns

6) NRC-054 Lippstikk with Dalli and Jesse

5) NRC-061 Ten Days Later

4) NRC-072 Rae Weston, Revamping Ye Olde Salutation Inn

3) NRC-052-The-Addiction

2) NRC-051 Luke Foster Talking About Music and Notts

1) NRC-056 Chaos Bleak Talking Gothic Post Punk


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