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NRC-100 Jethro D, NRC and Negatory Effect

Jethro D

the host of


and the Artist AKA

Negatory Effect


This week the tables turn, as Jim and Josh chat with Jethro! Yes they grill him with questions as when working out what to do for the 100th episode, Jim said “well there has not been one guest on yet! YOU!” (Jethro) So we got talking about what it is like running the podcast, with getting into Jethro’s music tastes and what got him started in music and the alt scene. They also got talking about Jethro’s music project Negatory Effect!!


  • Do they know it’s Christmas? Our metal bands certainly do! Raised by Owls have released their own version of Band Aid, named “Metal Band Aid”! The cover features 50 vocalists from 45 quality bands including themselves, Evil Scarecrow, Pemphigoid, Devastator, PaRtY CaNnOn, Nekrogoblikon and so so so many more. The band are paying tribute to the spirit of the original too, with 100% of the profits going toward Crisis, which is obviously so important and even more so this Christmas. So far over £1000 has been raised for the cause through the fantastic joint efforts of everyone!

  • SLOWMO75 have released the music video for their new song “Scarecrow” from their upcoming album “Life Goes On” and what a track it is! The sonic palette of the song definitely feels in the vain of Guns n Roses’ “Civil War” or Avenged Sevenfold’s “Seize the Day”, with the track effortlessly pirouetting between heartfelt ballad and balls to the wall rock. The album launches 30th December and what an album its going to be!

  • The Fine Art Society’s new track, “Falling Apart”, has dropped! The Notts Indie rockers masterfully walk the line between classic rock and indie music in this one, with a big 80’s style hook that you won’t be able to get out of your head. This is following on from the bands April single, “Modern Day” and hopefully is leading to a lot more!

  • I’ll make this quick since there is a lot of it in the podcast yet to come, but…. My favourite band in the whole wide world (maybe second, have to stay humble) Decade and a Day are releasing a music video for the track “Remember to Hate Me”! The video launches on Wednesday December 23rd on YouTube and IGTV. I’ll stop plugging my own stuff for now….

  • And plug Jethro’s! Negatory Effect’s “Rectification EP” has been out for two weeks nearly and my god is it cool! It features lots of Sci-fi vibes with a unique story, mirroring Jethro’s influences and not just pushing boundaries but kicking them down and shitting on them too! It’s for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie and this podcast!


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Local Music

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Justin Larner

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Can You Feel It (Feat. Elisha Martin)

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Jim Plumb

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Transition 3 (Moon Leaves)

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The Third band was

Negatory Effect

With their song

The Peeler

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