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NRC-098 Pixie Styx, Little Miss Nawty

Pixie Styx

Little Miss Nawty


This week Jethro talks with Pixie Styx about her latest release ‘Little Miss Nawty’ and how some of it was created in her living room! We also got talking about the idea that music might becoming just a little to PC. And as we did in NRC-002 (Pixie’s first podcast) we got talking about her charity work and how she recently helped decorate the store front of the Mesopotamia Charity Shop in Basford.

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  • It’s here! After a couple of weeks of non-stop pushing, Decade and A Day have released “Remember To Hate Me”, featuring Ashley Currie, to the public! The song aims to give us a more mature edge than our previously released “Sertraline Showers EP”, with more gain and more edge! It’ll be featured here, this week, on Jim’s reviews, alongside on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Itunes and all other major streaming services.

  • It’s that time of the year when bands start announcing their year in review from Spotify! Tonnes of really impressive numbers came up from the scene this year, with plenty hitting quadruple, quintuple or even sextuple figures! Some of the biggest performing bands of the year were As December Falls, who managed a million streams, The Five Hundred, who ended the year on 340k, Forever in the Making, who amassed 3.4k streams, Devastator with a smashing 13k and Raised by Owls, who, according to their own insta post, managed “not many” streams over a whopping 12 minutes (I can relate)! Well done to everybody!
  • The Fine Art Society have announced new music! On 18th December the boys will be bringing out a track named “Falling Apart”. For fans of Indie Rock, the trio have made waves with their April single “Modern Day”, channelling bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Wombats and more. With such a penchant for big hooks and catchy riffs, this should be a massive track this year.

  • Blitz’s charity Christmas single “I Believe in Christmas (Do You Believe in Rock n Roll)” has finally been released! Bringing the big hair metal vibes, the track tries to reinforce a positive message coming out of the crap of 2020. Money from the single will go to Cancer Research UK so make sure to give it a listen and a purchase! It’s available on bandcamp, Itunes, Spotify and the usuals!

  • Finally, “Clarity” by Wolves Don’t Sleep has dropped! The highly anticipated EP from the Notts Metalcore staple was released on the 30th of November and its full of screams, riffs and has the modern twist that we’ve come to expect from them. Available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and more!


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The Second band was

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Remember To Hate Me

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