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NRC-097 Tom from Rassoodocks Media

Rassoodocks Media



This week Jethro Talks with Tom from Rassoodocks Media, you will have heard about Tom on the podcast before. As Rassoodocks Media recorded NRC-050 First Audience attended Podcast! and the three bands that followed! We not only got chatting about Rassoodocks Media but we got into all the extents of the video media industry and so much more…

Episode Links

NRC-050 Podcast Episode –

Medea Project (Band) –

Wilhelm Scream –

Arrow Video –



  • As December Falls’ new single, “Afterglow”, has been released! After weeks of teasing the Nottingham Pop-Punk quartet dropped the song alongside announcing their sophomore album “Happy”. After the success of 2019’s “As December Falls”, leading to a whopping 172k views on their single “Ride”, these should be one of the bands to watch going into 2021.

  • The Small Town Boys have had a rebrand! After signing with the legendary Alan McGee (former manager of Oasis, The Jesus and Mary Chain and a host more), the indie rock outfit will now be known as Death Of The High Street. The band have spent much of the year working on new tracks to release at Electric Bear Studio’s in Mansfield and, with Alan McGee on board the future looks rather bright for these lads!

  • Blitz’s Christmas single, “I Believe in Christmas (Do You Believe in Rock N Roll)”, set to be released on December 4th, has received early airplay from Kerrang! Radio. The single aims to raise money for Cancer Research UK, with a preliminary target of £1000 almost being reached in less than three days! A bit of festive fun during a time where it’s needed, with money going to a good cause? Fantastic!

  • The time draws ever closer to the release of “Remember to Hate Me” by Decade and a Day, featuring Ashley Currie of Vantablack! It’s set to be released this Friday, the 4th of December, and I can honestly say that by the end of this promotional campaign, with the amount I’ve spoken about this song, I won’t be surprised if you all “Remember to Hate Me!”! It’ll be available on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and all other major streaming sites!

  • Josh Leverton has released a cover of the Muse track “Unintended”. Anybody that follows Josh on social media will know of his obsession with Muse and it really goes to show with the attention to detail in this cover, with The Crimson Rays’ front man giving it his all. The cover is on his Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and more and is available to stream now!


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