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NRC-096 Angie Niccals, The Nightmare Arcade

Angie Niccals


The Nightmare Arcade


This week Jethro talks with Angie Niccals from The Nightmare Arcade, we got talking about what the band is about and how it was inspired Gorillaz. We also got talking about her career outside of the band which is dog grooming, and what it is like to see people going through “That Phase” and how we stayed true to the alternative lifestyle!


  • Good Hustles have released a surprise track! The track, titled “Coffee”, is a full pop punk nostalgia trip that is reminiscent of the mid naughties, with big You Me At Six vibes to it. It’s available on all major streaming platforms and has even been featured on BBC introducing last night.

  • Kynch will be releasing a new song, titled “In Loving Memory”, on the 1st of December. The alternative, fuzz full rockers are following from their single “Ill View”, released earlier in the year, full of in your face guitars and bluesy vocals. Recorded at Rainy Daze studio and mastered at Abbey Road Studios this should be one of the most solid tracks coming out of the month of December!

  • A bit of an apology from me as, due to some slight distribution issues, Decade and a Day’s new single, “Remember to Hate Me”, has been delayed from November 28th to December 4th. On the plus side, it’s still coming out and the delay has given me another reason to plug it! Featuring Ashley Currie from Vantablack, the track is set to push our boundaries away from the more 90’s inspired pop punk and naughties inspired synths, edging toward a more modern feel. I might even rap on it…. Okay, I do a small amount of rapping on it.

  • Resident Notts Post-punk band Hurtsfall released their latest single “Stars” on November 19th. The lyrics are described as a “journey of personal emotional growth” by the band in an Instagram post made to celebrate the release. With spacey synths and a dreamy quality to it, this song invokes my inner Billy Idol fan whilst also creating a soundscape that fills the room.

  • The absolutely hilarious Raised By Owls have released another video in their rather successful series of comedy sketches on their social media. This one covers how to write a track by one of my personal favourite bands Ghost. With side splitting anecdotes like “Papa Ambrosia III” and a rather awesome (but unfortunately not full length) cover of Abba’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimmie!”, if you’ve had a bit of a shit day this is one to get you smiling!


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