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NRC-095 Punch Drunk

Punch Drunk


Gram, Colette and Benjamin

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This week Jethro talks with the band Punch Drunk. Even though we had some connection issues, we still over come it and got talking about what the band is about. And what makes the Notts scene a great place to play as a band, and how it seems like one big family.

Episode Links

You Want Fox –

king of Pigs –

Stuck On A Name Studios –

Punch Drunk’s BandCamp –



  • Local pop punk duo Decade and a Day have a new single featuring Ashley Currie! The single is called “Remember to Hate Me” and follows on from the EP “Sertraline Showers”, which is on Spotify, YouTube and all other major distributors. The song comes out on 28th November and, as per usual, I’m contractually obligated to plug the shit out of it. That’s “Remember to Hate Me”, Decade and a Day, 28th November!

  • Confyde are busy as ever, and this week they’ve only gone and covered “C’est La Vie” by B*witched! Not only that, they’ve somehow managed to reinvent the 90’s bop into something slightly chilling, with a rather creepy introduction and video to go alongside. It’s on Confyde’s YouTube channel now!

  • Raging Clue have, as promised, dropped their single “She Don’t”. Any fans of late 90’s/early Naughties pop punk will love this one, with big bass, nice rhythmic guitars and lyrics about a girl, what more could you want?! It’s available on Spotify, Youtube and all other major streaming sites. Major love for this track, brings a tiny bit of that summer feeling back (well, summer 2019 since this summer was spent drinking monster and staring at a laptop).

  • Slowmo 75 have announced their first full length album, titled “Life Goes On”! Scheduled for a release at some point in December, the album is set to be an 8 track recorded at Electric Bear in Mansfield. Expect speed, energy and intensity! The exact date is set to be confirmed soon, with album T-shirts already out at just £12! Hit them up for a shirt and keep an eye on this, it’s going to be a debut to behold.

  • The Go fund me for the Sal is still open. After a week the total now stands at £3441 out of a target of £30,000. It’d be a shame to see such a vital place to our local bands go under because of this shitty COVID stuff so lets hope that they succeed. The link will be below and any donations are greatly appreciated.


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Local Music

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Eve to Adam

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The Second band was

Punch Drunk

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Wrecking Ball

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