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NRC-094 Glitchers Gigging on the Streets



Gigging on the Streets


Jake and Sophie


This week Jethro talks with a band not from Nottingham! Glitchers! and that is because as much as we are all missing live gigs right now, well Glitchers have found a way around it!!!! Bloody YES! So we get talking to them about this and about what makes them produce the music they do! Also we got chatting about the live scene before Covid and what it could be after.

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What did they do on the 29th October!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!


  • Ye Olde Salutation Inn regular Dalli Sixx has asked for donations to keep the pub going via Go Fund Me. The spiritual home of the Notts RockCast, the Sal has seen many interviews, had many bands pass through and is an overall community hub for our scene so any donations, shares and publicity will help and be greatly appreciated. Their target is to raise £30,000 and as of writing their current total is £3,426. It’d be a massive shame to see such an integral part of our city go under due to current circumstances so best of luck to them.

  • Our resident reviewer Jim Plumb has gone and blown us away with a surprise cover of “Sirius” by The Alan Parsons Project! Mastered at Regular Riot (That’s Regular Riot, gotta plug for the boys), the cover is an honest tribute to the legendary band and is available now on Jim’s YouTube channel to check out. This is a great follow up to Jim’s Seasons EP, also on Jim’s YouTube, and I fully encourage a listen!

  • Mortland have collaborated with Robo-Metal icons Evil Scarecrow and Confyde to create a tribute to Eddie Van Halen. The Notts supergroup cover of “Unchained” is available on Mortland’s YouTube as well as Confyde’s Instagram and is a frantic tribute filled with all of that 80’s flair you’d expect from any Van Halen song. Massive props to both vocalists for the insane falsettos (I imagine they’d be much easier in the David Lee Roth style tight leather trousers to keep things compressed) and to Andy Shortland of Mortland for doing Eddie justice.

  • Pop-Punk giants As December Fall’s are up to something. The band have, after a week of teasing, released a video on their social media pages with what appears to be 3 seconds of a new song followed by the words “We Should All Be Happier”. Whatever they’re teasing, we won’t have to wait long as the caption on the video reads “27/11/20”. Exciting times ahead for these guys.

  • Wolves Don’t Sleep’s new EP “Clarity” has its new release date! After the unfortunate postponement of the EP in late October they have announced that the rescheduled date is November 30th. This follows from the metalcore groups latest single “If I’m the Snake Then You’re the Ladder”, which reached a staggering 25k views on YouTube and is still climbing. Expect riffs, screams and melody from this one!

  • Finally, Raised by Owls have contributed a track towards the compilation album series “Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Hungry”, featuring specifically on the “Eat the Rich” compilation. The album aims to raise money for foodbanks all around the UK, with the profits primary recipient being the Trussell Trust, with a percentage going to Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers and Food Hall Sheffield. It is available on Bandcamp now at a pay as you feel price.


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