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NRC-093 Be Scene and Heard with Will Robinson

Be Scene and Heard


Will Robinson from

I’m Not From London



This week Jethro talks with Will Robinson from I’m Not From London about Be Scene and Heard which is happing Jan 25th to Feb 12th 2021. So we get talking about this venture that hopes to help young adults with all forms of hearing loss make music and get confidence, as well as venturing into a bit of video making! We will say that this program is so close to our hearts as music is what drives this podcast!

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Will’s original podcast episode –

Soundworks Collection podcast –

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  • The Small Town Boys are back with their new single “Drink Driver” the band has announced on their Instagram. This comes from their upcoming album People Pleasing People, recorded at Electric Bear in Mansfield and is following their awesome single Virus and 2019’s EP This.Is.Not.It. Expect bold political statements amidst a riot of an instrumental. No date has been released yet for either the album or the single but the band have said in a comment on Facebook to expect them both before Christmas.

  • BlitZ have a Christmas single on the way! Titled “I Believe in Christmas (Do You Believe in Rock and Roll)”, this one should light the winter fireplace (get it, because they’re called Blitz… No). Their previous album, Fight to Survive, is out now on all streaming sites and is a blast of melodic flare and pure riffs. Again no date on this one but seeing as it’s a Christmas single I’m gonna take a guess it’ll be out before Christmas.

  • Devastator are teasing #TheReturn, set in a very cryptic Instagram post, on the 5th of December. Exciting news from the black metal outfit who last released their debut album in July. If this indeed is new music expect pure brutality underlined with blast beats a plenty.

  • Mordhau (Yes, Matty who introduces us every weeks band) have finally got their debut album on physical CD’s available to purchase in the upcoming few days. The album, called “Immaculate Massacre”, is a grizzly throwback to the Swedish Death Metal Scene and if the two singles “Pig Society” and “Temporal Insanity” are anything to go from then this should be a cracker!

  • JMW Promotions is putting on a livestream event featuring a whole host of talented local musicians! Their “Here For The Music Live Stream Festival” features tracks from their recent compilation album, also titled “Here For The Music”, such as “Demons” by Warren Ireland, “Cry of the Celt” by Ferocious Dog and tonnes more. The event, running from the 6th to 7th of November, also has a paypal link alongside a raffle with prizes like signed albums and merch to try to earn a little money for the musicians involved. If you’re free there are certainly much worse ways to spend your day than listening to some quasi-live music and supporting your local scene.

  • Finally, a reminder that Stuck on A Name Studio are running their fundraiser to help keep the studio afloat during these unprecedented times. As of writing they’ve raised a whopping £6,955 out of the £7,500 that they need so one big final push should do it! Good luck to them and excellent job so far!


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