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NRC-091 Hurtsfall with Sam and Jamie



Sam and Jamie

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This week Jethro talks with two members of the band Hurtsfall, Sam and Jamie! We got talking about the band how they got started and what makes up their post punk style sound. Also we got talking about what the Nottinghamshire Alternative Scene is like, and why Notts is a great place to get coffee!

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  • First up some extremely heavy news as, as I’m sure most of you know, local musician Keany Kristal Kissingou-Mabiala was murdered outside of Victoria Centre on the 12th of October. Keany was well known in the local rap scene and was a victim of a disgusting crime in broad daylight. Every local musician is fighting for the same thing, regardless of which scene they’re in, and the senseless nature of this attack has robbed us all of a brother. Knife crime is the real pandemic in Nottingham and its on the police to do more about it. Rest in Power Keany and lets hope justice is served to his killers.
  • On a much lighter note, we at the NRC team would like to say happy 2nd birthday to the pod and a huge thank you to you, our Notts Rockers, for helping the podcast reach a total of 10,000 listens! This is a huge milestone and you guys really are the reason we do this. The passion for our scene in Nottingham and the East Midlands is absolutely crazy and it fills us all with joy to see so many people take the time out of their weeks to give us a listen and enjoy what we have to say. So to every listener, guest and of course Jethro and Jim, thank you!
  • Local Alt-rock up and comers Distant Blue have announced that their new single “The Ghost of my Empty Glass” is dropping on the 23rd of October. The band have been wowing audiences over the years weather through their high octane live shows or their studio releases. After last years “MYMINDISOUTOFME” EP and their latest single release “Whatever Makes You Feel Safe” it’s safe to expect the roof to blow off, wherever you happen to be listening to them. Pre-save link will be below.

  • Scrabble Victory have recently taken it upon themselves to fulfil two goals of theirs: Busk and play outside of mainland Britain, by heading to the Isle of Wight. Their YouTube channel recently uploaded a Vlog about the experience which includes some light-hearted asides and even a hell of a challenge for Tom. It is a thoroughly recommended watch and comes with a satisfying conclusion with the band busking on the Shanklin sea front. Well done to them!

  • Confyde’s newest single, “Anchor”, has dropped! The eclectic alternative rock outfit from Nottingham have wowed us with this one, with heavy influences from Incubus and John Mayer this one is a catchy, contemporary take on what it means to be a rock band in the 21st century. Nice work lads.

  • Decade and a Day have released their debut EP, “Sertraline Showers”! As one half of the band its my job to say that this is the most fantastic, amazing pop punk EP that you’ll ever find anywhere. As an objective journalist, however, its my job to say that it sucks. Just kidding, please show us some love, its available on all major streaming services now!
  • Pop-punk powerhouses Raging Clue’s next single, “She Don’t”, is available to stream from Friday the 13th of November. The group draw influences from Green Day, Alkaline Trio and Blink 182 to create a nostalgic vision for the future of Pop Punk, and hopefully a Friday the 13th release won’t be cursed for them.

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