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NRC-077 Confyde with Martin Jackson



Martin Jackson

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Chop Suey –

Emperor Chung –

Quote: “With great freedom, comes great responsibility!”

The Cask Bah –

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Quote: “A mix isn’t finished, it is just abandoned”

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Local Music

The band was


With their song

Don’t Lie Awake


The Railroad


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Thanks from NottsRockCast!!

Thanks To Lewis Phillis From Beckon Lane For the podcast Introduction

Thanks to Matty From the death Metal band Mordhau for the news introduction –

Thanks to Jim Plumb from Slomo 75 –

Thanks to Regular Riot for the gear used to make, record and produce this podcast!

Thanks to Thomas D for the consulting he has provided!

All right and permissions have been obtained to play the local band songs in this podcast! All the background music has been provided by Regular Riot and Negatory Effect, and is original music of Negatory Effect band and is subject to copyright on their behalf. If you have any queries please email for more info