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NRC-012 – Luca Martello Talking Mastering and Music

NRC-012 – Luca Martello Talking Mastering and Music

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Luca Martello


Major Oak Audio Mastering

And the band

Even Vast


Interview Round 1, You & What You Do

QUOTE: “I am still learning”

Q: How do I make music?

A: Well you…. Record > Mix > Master! simples!

If you would like to check out Chris Taylor’s studio look up

Jethro Quote: “If you get into pro audio, you won’t have money for drugs!”

What is mastering? well look at this wiki link

What is LUFs Metering? well again you can check out this wiki link

and now for some pictures!

How bloody cool is that!!! do please check out Major Oak Audio Mastering!

QUOTE: “Watching a band Live, is about the connection!”

Nottingham is more Alternative!

FACT: “Most bands that Luca speaks to, say that Notts is the best place to play!”

if you want to check out I Am Not From London Mastering please go to



The first band was


with their song


Check them out at


The second artist was

Ben Haynes

With his song

What you left was not enough

Check him out at

Interview Round 2, Notts & Rock!

TAKE NOTE: “NottsRocCast is not just for Nottingham, it is for Nottinghamshire!”

Q: What does Luca love about living in notts? well Hucknall,

A: He enjoys being so close to the countryside!

Well this is a debate, which is the oldest pub in the UK?

Check Out The Old Salutation Inn

and check out Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

And then you decide!!

also talking about caves check out the Malt Cross

What is the real name of Nottingham????????? Who knows but it could be  “Tigguo Cobauc”

check out the Nottingham wiki history page

If you want to check out Oxjam then here is the Facebook Link


If you want to find out more history about this desk check out

If you want to check out the Sound City Documentary this link should bring it up on Netflix

Q: Why does Luca think the Notts Alternative scene is great?

A: It has a different sound!

Metal 2 The Masses Heat 5!

the bands were

The Addiction –

Widows –

CaveKiller –

Those Once Loyal

Check out Negatory Effect’s demo here

Keep it Notts, Keep It Rocks!

Thanks from NottsRockCast!!

Thanks To Lewis Phillis From Beckon Lane For the podcast Introduction

Thanks to Matty From the death Metal band Mordhau for the news introduction –

Thanks to Regular Riot for the gear used to make, record and produce this podcast!

Thanks to Jethro’s wife for putting up with him!

Thanks to Thomas D for the consulting he has provided!

All right and permissions have been obtained to play the local band songs in this podcast! All the background music has been provided by Regular Riot and Negatory Effect, and is original music of Negatory Effect band and is subject to copyright on their behalf. If you have any queries please email for more info