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NRC-007 Jason Weston In Ye Olde Salutation

NRC-007 Jason Weston In Ye Olde Salutation

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Jason Weston


Ye Olde Salutation


Interview Round 1, You & What You Do

Who Is Jason? Well he is the current tenant of the Ye Old Salutation on Maid Marion way!

How old is the Sal? Around 778 years old!


Harvest pale is the best selling Beer!! of the sal! 36 Gallons a week

7 to 9 beers on! all the time!

They have added loads of beer and ales recently! and always they have different guest beers! also all the draft is upstairs in the attic!

QUOTE: “Don’t worry about it till it happens, and when it happen its to late to worry about it, So don’t worry!”


They take people down the caves all the time, but only when they have staff free to take you down there!

the caves were dug out around 400AD and extended by the saxons about 700AD, they mainly used the caves as a grain store. BUT!

want more info? Then pop into the Sal and go have a look for yourself! and they don’t charge, but please do buy a drink lol or give a donation in the donation bucket at the top of the stairs!



First artist is


With the song

Venomous Hate

To Check them out go to their Facebook page here

Second artist is

Self Love

With the song

I am your Girlfriend!

Check them out on Facebook NOW

Get there music on BandCamp now!!!

Interview Round 2, Notts & Rock!

N.B. This part of the show notes is being updated!!! (Been a busy week!) But come back soon!

But do check out The Cask Bar

Keep it Notts, Keep It Rocks!

Thanks from NottsRockCast!!

Thanks to Matty From the death Metal band Mordhau for the news introduction –

Thanks to Regular Riot for the gear used to make, record and produce this podcast!

Thanks to Jethro’s wife for putting up with him!

Thanks to Thomas D for the consulting he has provided!

All right and permissions have been obtained to play the local band songs in this podcast! All the background music has been provided by Regular Riot and Negotory Effect, and is original music of Negotory Effect band and is subject to copyright on their behalf. If you have any queries please email for more info